About us

NETTOMIND is a collaboration of several designers, artists, craftsmen and other professionals from different parts of the world.

What we do:
We create products that we personally need and that we like to use ourselves. We add our emotions and inspiration to design. Creativity in everything we do is our key advantage.

How we do it:
We like to create truly unique products.
Innovation in product design. We like finding new and better solutions where it seems everything has been invented. And we find them.
Recognizable and original appearance. In all our products you will always find unique features and design ideas that make them very recognizable, very different from the others and looking original.

For whom:
We address our products to creative and innovative people from all kinds of areas. From artists that create new styles to innovators in corporate finance. Any person can be creative and innovative. If you dare to bring your ideas to live, to challenge status quo and are not afraid of being pioneer and setting new rules of the game - we work for you.


From where:

We ship our online orders from warehouse in Sweden. If you are  ordering from outside EU. local import taxes and VAT might apply


Where to buy?