Slim & smart cardholder

Slim & smart cardholder "MONEY CAN'T BUY"

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Very slim (7 mm) and compact (62 x 100 mm) cardholder.
Not visible in your pocket.

Holds up to 8 cards.
Easy to insert cards due to smart product design.

Special cut outs grant easy access to credit cards, without
even opening the cardholder.

Premium edge-dyeing at sides. Special edge-dying
technique used at bottom and top edges ensuring
additional durability.

Expressive design: Each unit has unique print of credit card
on the front and at the back side of cardholder.

As cards are located in 2 different compartments, your NFC
based seamless cards will not conflict with each other if you
open cardholder and touch a card reader with one of the

Materials: Genuine leather